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8 min readMar 23, 2020

Original article posted on TC Creatives: Branding & Design Studio.

Every day we hear more and more news about COVID-19, the latest few strands of the highly infectious Coronavirus. Coronavirus cases have been growing exponentially throughout the world. With the latest rapid increase in cases in the United States, there have begun to be new orders put in place that directly affect business owners because of health risks.

The Coronavirus has prompted new mandates, including shelter-in-place in large states such as California, New York, and Washington. The ever-expanding restrictions have caused uncertainty for business owners and entrepreneurs. Business owners have been forced to close their doors, and those who are capable, forced to work from home.

Though these new regulations can cause a decrease in revenue, prompt downsizing, and stifle growth, there are a few ways that business owners and entrepreneurs can use this new system to their advantage to grow their brand and streamline their business.


Have you ever seen an ad for a product that may be perfect for you, and yet you hesitate to buy it? You may have doubts about the company’s reputation, the quality of the product, or even if you’ll get it at all. Your ability to trust a brand relies entirely on the information provided to you between your first encounter with the brand and the time you reach checkout.

As a business owner, there are a few ways you can build brand trust while sales are down.

Get Social Proof

During this time of economic uncertainty, customers are going to be more hesitant about spending money. The more content they see about the effectiveness of your products and services can help to ease any doubts the customers have. With an uptick in services like Tik-Tok and Instagram Live, it is evident that your customers have more “free time.”

Reach out to your past customers for reviews, results, photos and video content of them using your products. Offering…